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SUPER is an international mother agency, and a model and talent management company based in New Zealand. We provide a thoughtful, transparent and professional service to everyone we represent and work with.

At SUPER, great management is our top priority. We are your champions, your problem solvers and supporters. The SUPER team has over 15 years of agency experience and we take care to develop you in an honest, supportive and nurturing environment. We advocate for you in the industry, while providing guidance and opportunities, direction and advice that is right for you.

Terms & Conditions

Agent / Talent / Client Relationship

The relationship between the talent (Model) and Super Management Ltd (Agent) is documented in a written contract. In summary, the Model has engaged the Agent to be their representative and the Agency has the Model’s written authority to enter into contracts with any and all Clients on their behalf. The Agent is NOT the Model’s employer.

The Agent acts as an intermediary between the Model and the Client. The Agency is entitled to raise invoices and collect monies on behalf of the Model, as an intermediary, even though the contract exists between Client and Model.

A contract is created between Client and Model once a booking is confirmed with the Agency whether written, written and partly oral or wholly oral. By making a booking through Super Management Ltd you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and that you accept these terms and conditions.

Workers Compensation Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that they have adequate levels of Workers Compensation Insurance to cover all Models used at all locations (including travel to and from a location). The Agency is not required to, nor holds, any such insurance for Models.

Booking Fee

The Booking Fee (BF) is a mandatory charge on all bookings made with Super Management Ltd for all models and is not a negotiable fee. The Booking Fee is calculated at 20% of the rate for all jobs (including usage fees). Please note, rates quoted are GST exclusive unless stated otherwise.

The Working Day

A normal stills full working day is 8 hours unless previously negotiated, Monday to Sunday. A normal stills half day is 4 hours. A normal video/TVC/film working day is 10 hours unless previously negotiated, Monday to Sunday.

A normal video/TVC/film half day is 5 hours.Start time is from a model’s call time and finishes at the model’s wrap time. Overtime rates apply outside these hours unless negotiated prior to booking.

Hours Booked

The total hours that Artist is booked for is the minimum hours that Artist must be paid for. If a job finishes prior to the originally booked time, Artist must be paid for the original hours booked, regardless of whether the job was completed early. If a job takes longer than the originally booked hours then overtime/penalty rates will apply. If the total hours for a booking are reduced by the Client with less than two working days notice, cancellation fees will apply. There is a 2 hour minimum applied to hourly bookings.


Editorial rates apply for Printed Publications unless previously negotiated prior to booking. Rates will vary between $180 - $250 and incur a booking fee. Digital online editorial rates will be negotiated case by case.Overtime Rates are Time and a Half of the Artist’s agreed rate before 7am and after 6pm. A special rate is negotiated after 11pm and before 6am. Saturday is at Artist’s normal hourly rate. Sundays and Public Holidays are at Time and a Half of the Artist’s agreed hourly rate.

Finish Times/Overtime

Where a shoot may finish up to 14 minutes past the hour, no extra time will be billed. At 15 minutes and over, overtime will be added to the billing at the appropriate pro-rata hourly rate and for any subsequent hours. Overtime is charged at 15 minute increments.


Unless negotiated otherwise, fittings will be charged at half the Artist’s agreed hourly rate for a maximum of 2 separate fittings. 3rd and subsequent fittings will be charged at the Artist’s full normal hourly rate unless previously negotiated.

Sleepwear, Swimwear and Underwear

Clients must inform the agency about any potential sleepwear, swimwear or underwear being used, prior to confirmation of talent. Sleepwear, swimwear or underwear overtime is charged at 1.5 times the standard overtime rate.

Travel Rate

Travel Time is charged at the overtime hourly rate (to the nearest 15 min). This applies to travel outside a 20km radius of the CBD. Travel Days are charged at a minimum of $300+bf/day.

Weather Hold

In circumstances where a weather day is held for a shoot, confirmation on use of the weather day must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance to incur no cost. Where a weather day is held and not used or cancelled within a 24 hour window, a $500+BF weather day fee will be charged.

Provisional Bookings

If a provisional booking or option has not been confirmed and a definite booking arises Super Management Ltd reserves the right to take the option of the definite booking.

Additions and usage fees

All photography is to be used for the purpose for which it was originally intended as per Super Management Ltd Booking Confirmation, by accepting our terms and conditions at the time of booking.It is the Client’s responsibility to notify Super Management Ltd of any intended usage before the commencement of the shoot.

Use of the images, by way of (but not restricted to) Advertising, Swing Tags, Posters, Show Cards, Pack Shots, Billboards, Websites, Bus-Sides etc, must be negotiated and duly authorised with The Agency prior to the booking taking place. In general, the confirmed booking and usage fees cover the right to use one image for catalogue for one year from the shoot date, in New Zealand only, and in accordance with the usage agreed and paid for at the time of the booking.

Usage rights are not granted to the Client until payment in full has been received. Any further extension of usage or territory must be immediately notified to and negotiated with Super Management Ltd.

Super Management Ltd reserves the right to refuse the release of images for any use, for any reason, including extensions of existing print and television campaigns.Any image used without written authorisation or prior approval from Super Management Ltd will be deemed unauthorised usage and will be subject to legal proceeding.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellations within 24 hours of confirmed bookings incur a 100% cancellation fee, and any business expenses incurred on models’ behalf in relation to booking must be fully-reimbursed by client. All cancellations are subject to negotiation.

Complaints & Billing Discrepancies

Any cause for complaint should be reported to Super Management Ltd ASAP.

Any claim or alteration to the negotiated fee should be brought to the attention of the booker/ accounts dept.

Super Management Ltd act on behalf of our artist’s and whilst every endeavour is made to provide the best service, we cannot be held responsible for a models conduct on an assignment.