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SUPER is an international mother agency, and a model and talent management company based in New Zealand. We provide a thoughtful, transparent and professional service to everyone we represent and work with.

At SUPER, great management is our top priority. We are your champions, your problem solvers and supporters. The SUPER team has over 15 years of agency experience and we take care to develop you in an honest, supportive and nurturing environment. We advocate for you in the industry, while providing guidance and opportunities, direction and advice that is right for you.

Alida Aciu

  • 178
  • 81
  • 60
  • 87
  • 38
  • Brown
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About Alida

Romanian born, New Zealand raised model who has now put down roots in London. An avid cook she loves throwing dinner parties and trying new restaurants - all things food-related. A water baby, the ocean relaxes her. Alida's dream is to one day combine her interest in holistic health practises with taking care of others by opening a health retreat that supports those struggling with mental illness/health conditions.